Spearhead Machinery

We are very pleased to announce that RBM is the exclusive distributor for Spearhead Machinery in Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.
Spearhead Machinery is Europe’s leading manufacturer of reach, flail and large area rotary mowers, specialising in vegetation maintenance and stubble management technology. The extensive product range has been developed through years of innovation within the mowing and mulching sector. They are focused on providing you with solutions, extending and growing the product range to continue delivering as your true ‘Green Area Maintenance Specialist’.

In just over two decades Spearhead Machinery has been transformed from a small importing company based in an anonymous unit on a Worcestershire trading estate to one of the world’s most famous names for vegetation maintenance. Working closely with its customer base to evolve its products specifically for the requirements of the market, it is not unusual for Spearhead customers to visit the Salford Priors headquarters to work directly with the specialist design team as they sculpt the products of tomorrow.

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