Gregoire Besson

For Gregoire Besson, respecting the earth is a core value

Founded in 1801, the company has over 2 centuries of experience producing farm machinery, including the first ever commercial reversible plough in 1901. Today the company offer a comprehensive range of high quality ploughs from 2 – 16 furrows, and heavy cultivation equipment including the well-known Discordon.  This company’s excellent reputation for engineering quality will mean that Gregoire Besson products fit perfectly with our aim to bring our customers the best brands of agricultural machinery on the market.

  •  Ploughs, reversible, mounted and semi-mounted, in furrow and on land
  •  Disc harrows, offset and tandem
  •  Tined cultivators, deep tined subsoilers and shallow tined cultivators
  •  Tillage equipment, Discordon, Combimix and stubble disc harrow.

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