Trailed Sprayers

M900/M900i Series trailed Sprayer

M900-M900i Series

M900/M900i Series sprayer gives high performance levels, thanks to spraying accuracy and overall ease of operation.

M700/M700i Series trailed Sprayer

M700-M700i Series

High performance, maximum uptime and lowest possible operating costs – that’s what you should be looking for in your new machinery.

R900i Sprayer

R900i Series

The R900i trailed sprayer has been designed to give you higher productivity and lower costs – in a machine that performs better all round.

Self Propelled Sprayer

R4040i Self Propelled Sprayers

R4040i Self-Propelled Sprayer

The silhouette of the R4040i Sprayer shows the benefits of locating major components to optimize weight distribution and stability.

R4050i Sprayer

R4050i Self-Propelled Sprayer

The R4050i is manufactured using the best John Deere designed and purpose built components: carbon fibre booms, PowrSpray wet system, John Deere spray nozzles and a 5000l solution tank for maximum productivity.

Sprayers, are available in the YORK, North Yorkshire , Nottinghamshire , North Lincs , Lincoln of dealer RBM Agricultural Ltd.