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At RBM we keep a variety of used equipment on stock and our used equipment webpage is the best place to look.


Used Equipment Webpage

This is the best place to look for all our used equipment. It is updated daily and shows everything that is currently available including items which will be due to come into branch but have not yet arrived. If you find a machine and look at the details you will be able to see which branch is responsible as well as much more information about the tractor itself.

Tip - At the bottom of the page if you fill out some details this information will be forwarded to the exact person who knows the most about that specific machine.


Looking for something specific?

You can use the search function it can help to find specific models or machines that you may be looking for, but probably the best way to view our used machinery website is via the filter button at the top. You can use this to filter by a wide range of criteria, just be sure to reset search after each search to ensure your searching our entire stock again. 

Failing this please give us a call and we'll be happy to put you in touch with somebody who will be able to run through all your options with you. Contact us.