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A lot goes on month by month at RBM and the best way of staying in the know is by reading through our monthly newsletter. The newsletter is put together each month and goes out to many of our customers with our account statements but is also readily available at all our branch showrooms. But to keep fully up to date, in the know and to be able to read on the move it is now also available in a digital format. Simply fill out the email box in the form below and we will send you out a fresh newsletter each month. When you do this you can look forward to:

Our front page including all the latest machinery news and any sales offers.

A printed out used machinery list. Quick tip: our website in the used machinery section has all our up to date used machinery available and is updated daily!

Our back page showing off our latest products and offers from our parts and service departments as well as important information about any extended opening hours or out of hours phone numbers during the summer.


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Farming Photos

We're always after quality farming photos from all our customers so if you take a nice snap you wish to share please get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and your image could show up in the next issue of the newsletter!!